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Heart-Centered Intuitive Financial Business Strategist and Founder of SGBS Consulting, Inc.

Hey there, I'm Grace.

Grace Del Rey is the CEO and founder of SGBS Consulting Inc. She serves as treasurer on the Westside Referral Network and Friends of Coeur D’Alene Elementary. She has over 25 years of experience in the financial industry working with clients in different sectors from professional services to manufacturing.

In 2008, she began working with small publicly traded companies. Grace graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA and has an associate degree in computer science, which she uses to program third-party applications with QuickBooks and navigate other accounting software like SAP and SAGE 90.

Grace loves learning how different companies succeed, and how she can apply that knowledge to help her clients thrive in their own endeavors. In her spare time, Grace loves dancing, tennis, and hanging out with her family.

What I Do Here...

guiding entrepreneurs to create informed strategies, overcome challenges, and embrace their infinite abundance for lasting success.


Saving Grace Money Method

A lot of financial advice out there encourages scarcity and sacrifice. It isn’t just that I don’t teach that way, I don't live that way. Making money and building wealth happens with ease when we live and believe in abundance!

Level It Up Business Mastery Course

The Level Up Business Mastery Course is a comprehensive, self-paced online program designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners elevate their financial strategies, enhance their business operations, and foster a growth mindset. It combines practical financial education with innovative, mindful approaches to business leadership.

Inspired Action Meditation

Get unstuck and become unstoppable with Inspired Action Meditation.


SGBS Consulting

The go-to bookkeeping agency for new and established small businesses since 1994. We understand what it takes to start, maintain, and support growth in our clients’ businesses. Our agency, that Grace Del Rey began as a one-woman show, has grown into a bustling corporation through our dedication to quality, accuracy, and providing the intimate service experience that small business owners seek.

Interested in learning more about how SGBS Consulting can help your business?


Fairview Meadows Weddings

Virginia's premier wedding venue for brides envisioning a beautiful, relaxing day with nature as their background. The Arbor over the pond is our key feature, surrounded by fields of green. Upon arrival of the property, an instant feeling of serenity is present. The fresh air, lull of the pond waves, gentle rustle of leaves, and fragrant smell of flowers make for the perfect romantic setting.

Local to Virginia and interested in Fairview Meadows Weddings for your next venue?

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